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Als ich heute Abend durch Animexx bissle gesurft bin hab ich was entdeckt. Da stand tatsächtlich das BOU die Band An Cafe verlassen will. Mir standen echt die tränen in den Augen ... Hab dann noch was gefunden im Internet ich werds einfach mak hier rein setzen und hoffe ihr lest es... *immer noch Tränen in den Augen hab* ::::


To all of those who have supported Antique Café

Thank you for always supporting us. We have an important announcement for everyone. It has been decided that Antique Cafe's member and guitarist, Bou, will be performing in his last live on the Hibiya Yagai Ongaku Dou live on April 30th. After talking with all the members, this is a decision that he himself has optimistically made with respect from them. We, the staff members, are seeking to make Bou’s graduation on April 30th , the best live ever. Please look after Bou’s courage until the end. We deliver a comment from Bou below. Red Cafe

・From Bou・

It is sudden, but Bou has decided that he will be leaving Antique Café after the live at Hibiya Yagai Ongaku Dou live. There had been something that I wanted to challenge for a while now and I had been suppressing it as it kept growing and growing inside my heart. But as I went to tours and recordings, I felt as if I was lying to Cafekkos and the other members... I thought that it would be wrong to the members, staff, and Cafekkos if I kept it like this so I made a decision. This decision was talked over a lot amongst the members and concluded. Of course, I still love Antique Café and I love you Cafekkos. Right now, I can’t easily say what will happen from now, but I think after some time passes. I truly feel bad for all the Cafekkos that believed in me and was with me. But this decision is not a pessimistic decision. I want to hold a new hope and move on. I plan to show my all at the live on April 30th. Then, let’s say “goodbye” with smiles.

・From Bou to Miku・

You are the best vocalist, Miku. From the first time I met you, you said that you would start a band, and not knowing anything, you worked hard. It was fun. Everyday, I think and am so glad that are the vocalist and that you are perfect. I believe that you are strong. Please work hard with all your strength. I am looking forward to your singing voice that will be riding the good feeling wind. Your presence on stage was so great and awesome and was very reliable! Thank you for being the vocalist! Thank you for loving to sing! I was in happiness. Please make me even more lovey dovey on the last stage. Kind regards from here out, as a loved friend! With all my heart, nyappy!!

・From Bou to Kanon・

Genius Kanon. From the time you told me, you tried so hard, was so determined, and so kind. I was truly happy...Every time I saw your face, tears built up. But because I’m a show off, I held it in, but the sad face you gave when you said “it’s going to be the last time we stand back to back in the center and play guitar...,” I can not forget. I am excited to play with you at Hibiya. We aren’t very good, but I think that we are hot! Thank you for always keeping me warm. I will forever love you, genius and strange Kanon!

・From Bou to Teruki・

Whom I will forever respect, Teruki. Thank you for holding Antique Café together. The first time I met you, it was love at first sight, you were like a brother, and even if the other two opposed, I thought that I would definitely make you the drummer. That was, without flaw, a success. The days that I spent with you were truly fun. Even our routes back home were the same, and even though you found it troublesome, you made me happy! When I decided and told everyone, you told the hopeless me “it can be anything; you don’t have to come to practices; I just want to stand on the stage with you,” and I was able to come to think that as a man, I should try hard until the end. Thank you. Twinkling Teruki, always making me happy and making me laugh, please try your hardest! I will forever respect you.


・A message from Miku・

I deeply apologize to everyone for the sudden announcement. I think that most of the Cafekkos must be grieving and feeling sad right now. When I first heard from Bou, I was so much in shock that I lost words. All the fun memories from the time that we formed came rushing back and I painfully and sadly worried. We kept talking with the members and even thought about breaking up. But after thinking, I want to support the path that you have chosen and want to erase the Cafekkos tears, even if it is only a day early. Our decision will keep running. Even though are paths will be different, we are friends and we are a family. Bou and we will carry our dreams and try hard, so we will be happy if you warmly watch over us from here out. Let’s work together to make Bou’s graduation on April 30th, the best.

Lastly, Bou...truly thanks after these four years. You gave me kind e-mails when I was sick and you even came to my house to talk parents into letting me be in the band after they opposed. There are so many memories that I can’t write them all, but these are the only words I can think of now. Truly, thank you. Let’s make April 30th the best graduation.

・A message from Kanon・

This time, I am filled with sadness that Bou will be leaving. After coming to Tokyo, Bou was the first member that I met and it was decided that Antique Café would form and after Antique Café started, I was with him more than my family, and it was so natural that I couldn’t even think that he would be leave. I didn’t even think that a day that I would have to announce a comment like this would come. Playing the same kind of instrument, I always truly thought that Bou was better and it was really fun on stage, and I was very happy to see Bou’s smile when our eyes met on stage. I always wanted to be with you. When you first told me that you were going to quit, I was in shock and couldn’t agree with you and I could only think on it with opposal. But after listening to your strong decision, as a friend and as a comrade, knowing that this not a departing but a journey, want to see you off. We are going to be chasing different dreams, but even if we’re apart, our bond will always be connected. I am very sad that I can not be with you, but holding your words that you said with a smile of “try hard” as encouragement, I will move forward with Antique Café and forever and ever, try hard. With this sudden announcement, I am filled with regret towards all the Cafekkos. I am truly sorry.

・A message from Teruki・

Before hearing from Bou himself, I had heard from a third party that he had thoughts of leaving. From that point, I thought that I would try to stop him. It is because I thought that Bou’s existence was essential for us, for Antique Café’s future, and for the Cafekkos. But when I heard from Bou, “I want to quit,” I couldn’t stop him and could only answer with “okay, I undertand.” At that time, Bou was like a completely different person and had a sad face, as if he was being bullied. I think that this answer was an answer that Bou himself worried and painfully made. He even felt that it was “a betrayal to the members, staff, and Cafekkos.” He probably couldn’t talk to anyone about it and worried on it alone. I thought that by saying “don’t say that and let’s work hard together,” I would put him through more pain, so I didn’t stop him.

I truly feel regretful towards the Caffekos. I am sorry. I know that everyone is in pain, but I think that Bou suffered the most. Please understand his feelings. I want to be with him everyday, be even the smallest support, and am very vexed and miserable. I want to make April 30th a wonderful live so that Antique Café will be a beautiful and fun memory to him. I will be happy if you Cafekkos will try too



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Joa was gibts neues. Miyavi wird auf der AnimagiC 2007 auftreten.

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